The National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova (ANTRIM) it’s a non-profit organization, created on 16 of January, 2014, at the initiative of the private sector. The founders of ANTRIM are considered some of the biggest companies that are developing the incoming tourism in Moldova.

The mission of the Association is to help Moldova be recognized internationally as hospitable destination in Europe, offering visitors unique experiences and high quality services. ANTRIM works to collaborate with stakeholders to create and deliver high quality services and authentic experiences to tourists by supporting traditional Moldovan values of hospitality, culture, gastronomy and quality wine production.

The Association was started to support operators of incoming tourism in promoting Moldova’s image as a tourist destination as well as to develop the profile and image of tourism services sector in Moldova both domestically and worldwide. ANTRIM is also aimed at enhancing the level of cooperation and collaboration between members of the business community in the provision of tourism services. In order to improve the business environment, the legal framework and prospects of the sector, ANTRIM directs the work and to collaborate with public authorities, in particular with the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, The National Agency of Investments, but also with other associations that are covering the tourism industry.

At the moment, the Association is one of the most important non-governmental organizations having similar primary aim of stimulating the development of domestic and inbound tourism.

The Association works like a BSO (business support organization) in tourism, according to the status of establishment. ANTRIM activities are coordinated by the Executive Director together with the Management Board (7 members). At the moment more than 30 members (tour operators, wineries, DMCs, PCOs, hotels and B&Bs) that represents 80% of the incoming tourism industry, are part of ANTRIM family.

For its members, ANTRIM organizes trainings on different topics with national or international experts, arranges press tours for foreign journalists and bloggers, and organizes country stand participation at exhibitions and trade fairs in target markets to promote Moldova as an emerging tourism destination. Lobby and advocacy is another important direction of activity. This year ANTRIM members participated at the elaboration of the White Paper for the tourism industry, contributing to the changes for a better entrepreneurial environment for the SMEs especially in rural areas. What the association achieved so far  is to decrease the local tax for accommodation ( from 10 to 5%) and the VAT for HORECA sector form 20 to 10 % starting from 1 October (as the Prime Minister announced).

In November 2017, ANTRIM launched the first Tourism Information Center in Moldova at international standards. The Center is running like a department of the Association and is a public private partnership with the City Hall. This Center is now a good platform for development for the industry stakeholders, where they can organize events, presenting new offers, products launch, B2B meetings with their partners, and the main objective – to offer free assistance to tourists. We are working close with the Universities and in the Moldova Tourist Information Center  the volunteers are consulting and assist the visitors. During the first 9 months of activity, the Tourist Information Center consulted more than 6000 tourists, coming from different countries of the world.


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