Product Development

ANTRIM (National Inbound and Domestic Tourism Association of Moldova) continues to diversify and develop the national tourism potential by offering numerous opportunities to explore rural destinations.

4 Ecotourism Routes in Sipoteni

This time, Sipoteni commune attracted the ANTRIM’s interest – within the project Sipoteni – Youth Capital 2020/2021, to elaborate and launch new ecotourism routes that will serve as an easy adventure to those who want outdoor activities.

The Sipoteni ecotourism routes go through incredibly beautiful natural landscapes that include 4 unique routes across the localities: Calarasi, Straseni, Nisporeni and Ungheni. The routes can be traveled both on foot and by bicycle.

The ecotourism routes were developed within the Sipoteni – Youth Capital Program 2020/2021 developed and implemented by the National Association for Inbound Tourism (ANTRIM), in collaboration with the state bodies to improve the perspectives of the tourism services sector, aiming to attract tourists through development and promotion of local tourism in Sipoteni commune, with the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

Palanca Cycling Tour – Chisinau Palanca

Whether for active travel or amateur sports, adventure tourism is the perfect choice. The Chisinau – Palanca cycle tourism route is unique in Moldova, with an impressive distance of 226 km, 6 segments and dozens of circuits around the destinations in the Codru and Ștefan Vodă regions. The tourist route provides information and offers of tourist experiences at wineries, local museums, pensions, and monuments, thus increasing their attractiveness.

The cycling route crosses through country roads and paths farther from the national highways, giving travelers the chance to enjoy the landscapes of Moldova and improvise stops in picturesque places. Stylized cycling signs, arrows, pillars and information panels with the inscription C1 mark the route, guiding tourists on the right path.

Cycling tourist trails in the southern region of the country

We would like to inform you about the developing of the cycling tourist routes in the southern region of the country, namely:

  1. Starting from Plopi village, Cantemir district (Gitana Winery) to Pașcani village, Cahul district (Casa Bunicului Pension).
  2. Starting from Pașcani village, Cahul district to Slobozia Mare village, Cahul district (Valeria din Vale).
  3. Starting with the village of Slobozia Mare, the Cahul district towards the town. Vulcănești (Kara Gani Winery).
  4. Starting with the town. Comrat (Tourist Information Center) to the town. Ceadîr-Lunga, passing: – Comrat, Chirsova, Besalma, Congaz, Baurci, Ceadir-Lunga;

The routes are marked with the signs recommended by European standards – with signs painted on trees and electricity poles.

The Tourist Routes create opportunities for the development of tourism in the region, contributing to the promotion of tourist destinations, visibility and economic growth. ANTRIM aims to place Moldova on the map of international ecotourism, to highlight the local gastronomy and the small producers we find in the picturesque villages of Moldova. In the context of current trends in the tourism industry, authentic experiences, connecting the tourist with the local community, exploring unknown regions, local traditions and values ​​are increasingly in demand. These routes can offer such a wide range of services to the tourist and will be a boost for regional development and entrepreneurship.

Friendly for Tourism

ANTRIM in partnership with EFES VITANTA MOLDOVA BREWERY SA launched a joint initiative aimed at encouraging the process of diversification and development of tourism services offered by guest houses in the rural region of the country. This will be reflected in the process of positioning the Republic of Moldova as a tourist destination based on sustainability, authenticity of traditions and accelerated but responsible development.

The development program supports the activities directed towards the rehabilitation of traditional guest houses, the valorization of authentic traditions and experiences through tourism activity, the organization of activities for active tourism and for the protection of the environment. This program stimulate the increase of the added value of the already existing experiences and their improvement in order to meet the expectations of the tourism market, to offer tourists a new vision on inbound and domestic tourism, as well as new opportunities to capitalize on the local tourism offer in the context of the increasing demand for tourist experiences on the local market.

The partnership represents the implementation of a grant program, launched to support rural tourism, called “Friendly for tourism”, addressed to local artisans, rural houses and agro-tourism guest houses. This grant can be used to improve already existing facilities, or to diversify the activities and experiences offered to tourists.

The National Network Of The Tourist Information Centers Of ANTRIM

ANTRIM has signed a partnership agreement with the Regional Development Agency Center, for the integration of 7 tourist information centers to the national network of info centers. Through this agreement, ANTRIM will provide support and expertise for the organization of the centers, and will provide information materials and brochures that can be distributed within the centers. Likewise, ANTRIM will develop a kit of materials that will be offered to the center (“I” sign, representative stickers, business cards, etc.)


Skills Development

Training – ANTRIM offers the possibility to the members and industry stakeholders to participate in workshops and training selected by their topics.

Next Tourism Generation Academy

ANTRIM has launched a new platform starting in 2019 “Next Tourism Generation Academy” which has 2 objectives:

  1. To prepare a new generation of specialists for the hospitality and tourism industry.
  2. To provide training to representatives of tourism-related industries according to international criteria, in an application form adapted to the current needs of the business environment.

This Academy during 3 years, involved more than 400 young people (online) and over 200 young people (offline) who have facilitated the possibility of employment in the field of training.

The main focus of this project is:

  • Increasing the confidence of the new generation to work in inbound and domestic tourism and increasing the desire of the young generation to stay in the Republic of Moldova.
  • Initiation of the process of recruiting young specialists for internship and later for employment in companies operating in the field of hospitality and tourism in the Republic of Moldova.

National Association for Inbound and Domestic Tourism in Moldova has the role of organizer, with the support of the Activity to Support Competitiveness in the Light Industry and Tourism (USAID, EDGE) together with the Moldova State, Artcor – Development center for creative industries, Château Vartely Winery.

Hospitality + Moldova

As a part of Moldova Hospitality + Program, which has the aim to implement evaluation, education and technical assistance sub-program, in the hospitality field, this online survey is elaborated with the scope of identifying the gaps in the knowledge and skills of entry-level and management staff from Hotel Industry as well as to assess the Industry representatives’ need for training sessions This activity is elaborated at the initiative of the National Inbound Tourism

Association of Moldova (ANTRIM) and supported by Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Sweden, and UK aid.

ANTRIM Tourism Intelligence Journal

In the face of uncertainty, statistical data used in market research, development of tourism products, PR, and marketing strategy allow tourism operators to make rational decisions, knowing that they are based on data and facts rather than on mere assumptions. This leads to better planning and execution thanks to data analysis and the application of corresponding conclusions in a practical way, through up-to-date tools and practices.

Currently, because the years 2020 and 2021 recorded out of the ordinary performance indicators, tourism operators have to be especially attentive and track the travel sentiments and decision-making behaviors of international travelers. This means anticipating the evolution of the tourism market, the profile of travelers and how they book trips. How data, statistics, and consumer requests will be interpreted must be taken into account in marketing actions, which currently take place mainly online.

Therefore, ANTRIM has launched a series of Informative Events called ANTRIM Tourism Intelligence Journals which will address various trends, statistics and relevant tools in the field of tourism marketing.

Speaker – Audrey Scott is a tourism and marketing strategist with extensive experience in digital marketing, product development and sustainability. As co-founder of Uncornered Market, she has worked for 10+ years with destinations, travel companies and NGOs to create and market adventure, cultural and sustainable travel experiences. Audrey’s work as an advisor, writer and speaker has taken her to all continents and over 100 countries. She is considered an expert across sustainable tourism and marketing topics, having spoken at international conferences including ITB Berlin, WTM, WTTC, UNWTO, ATWS, and TEDx.

Moldova Tourism Start-Up Academy

Moldova Tourism Start-Up Academy was launched on 19th of November 2021, as well as the 1st session was held. Existing businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the inbound and domestic tourism industry from Moldova face difficulties at different levels of their business, as successful business planning and management is based on various aspects and decisions of different nature: economic, financial, organizational, marketing and legal.

Therefore, this program aims to contribute to the knowledge of all persons involved in each compartment of the organization, to allow a correlation of them, which in the long run will generate an environment favorable to the development of the entity. The consultation sessions will be accessed on the public platforms of the Association, the Ministry of Culture and the Investment Agency of Moldova.

Moldova Tourism Start-Up Academy also aims to contribute to the knowledge of the startups, or those who intend to launch a business activity in tourism, on the most essential regulatory issues regarding the initiation and organization of tourist services, which will meet the need for information and guidance of startups and entrepreneurs.

WFTGA Training

WFTGA is the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations. Since 1996 the WFTGA has developed Training courses and has delivered these across the world, at the request of various agencies including the UNWTO, UNESCO, GIZ and Ministries related to tourism as well as our member tourist guides associations.

For the first time, ANTRIM in partnership with WFTGA launched the project in 2019 with 2 training sessions. The first was the Hands On Tourist Guiding Course (HOT), skills training for new guides and a refresher for experienced guides. The second one was Train the Trainer Course (TtT) for guides who want to train guides, cascading skills in their own country.

The purpose of this project is to increase a new generation of guides and trainers in the field of tourism. Depending on the outcome, WFTGA issues either Certificates of Successful Completion of the course or Certificates of Attendance.

ANTRIM Summer School

ANTRIM Summer School is another project which was implemented with the strategic support of USAID Moldova.

This project is destined for young specialists, new employees or graduates from the touristic service domains, and it comes as help with explanations on how the tourism businesses function from the inside and for them to find a job that would fit their expectations.

The program gives the participants theoretical courses and practical activities, as are visits to wineries, hotels and agropensions. The participants of the summer school ANTRIM were: students of tourism faculties, graduates, young professionals-employees at tourism agencies, hotels, pensions, wineries; bloggers of travels, etc.

Promotion & Marketing

Familiarization Tours

To reach tourists in our target countries, we believe it is of great importance to develop a network of well-informed professionals in the field in said places.

Therefore, the ANTRIM team helps the international network get acquainted with Moldova as a tourist destination by organizing Familiarization Tours.

Press Trips

A press trip enables journalists to have first-hand experience of a place or a particular situation. Journalists like to get their own facts, to ask questions and they like to have ‘stories’ to tell based on real examples. Knowing that, starting from 2017 ANTRIM is organizing press trips for journalists from Moldova’s target markets: Italy, Poland, Romania, Great Britain, Scandinavian countries.

Usually, the trips are organized twice per year around two main cultural and touristy events: DescOpera Festival and National Wine Day. From 2017 to 2022 ANTRIM organized more than 50 press trips for 300 journalists who wrote over 350 publications for media like: National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Vogue, Gambero Rosso, Daily Mail Newspaper, Daily Telegraph Newspaper , Sainsbury’s Magazine, Arbuturian, Luxuriate and others.


ANTRIM is the only association in Moldova with experience in organizing the participation of the incoming tourism sector with country stand and international exhibitions and trade fairs. In the last years, ANTRIM organized the country stand, promotion and logistic activities for the participants (tour operators, wineries, hotels, DMOs, PCOs, etc.) in more than 25 trade fairs, in 7 countries. Some of them:

Local Events

The “Tree of Life„ Agenda

ANTRIM promotes the Moldovan cultural events agenda, recognizing it as an essential part of the tourism industry. The first edition of the ”Tree of Life„ Agenda was launched for 2019. In 2019 it includes 30 events, including 6 cultural events, 9 wine events, 11 folk ones and 4 sports related events.

Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions, all events were banned, as a result, the agenda for 2021 was not elaborated. Below you can see the ”Tree of Life„ agendas for the current and previous years, or to access the events agenda on Moldova.Travel

ANTRIM Incoming Travel Forum

The ANTRIM Incoming Travel Forum is a yearly event meant to boost efforts made by partners from the private sector and foreign investments to develop a strong, competitive and sustainable industry. ANTRIM together with its partners and investors believes in Moldova’s immense potential for growth when it comes to tourism.

Therefore, each year, the forum aims to strengthen the bond between actors of the industry to form a unified front in which all part takers can collaborate for personal and public growth. Each edition focuses on various aspects of the incoming travel field, always touching on its importance when it comes to economic and cultural growth and bringing to light the most recent issues and opportunities.

B2B Events

The main task in the organization of B2B events is to promote Moldova as one of the best tourist destinations. ANTRIM is always in the process of organizing B2B events for representatives from the private tourism sector.

The main pillars of ANTRIM’s B2B events are to attract tourism to less-known country areas with a low number of visitors; to work on the personalization of tourism offers and to contribute to local economic development. Also, during the last 2 years, one of the main tasks is to avoid the negative effects of pandemic and post-pandemic periods.

Lobby & Advocacy

ANTRIM is actively leading advocacy programs related to easing the tourism business environment, the legislative framework and the general prospects of this field and is a member of the Economic Council by the Prime Minister of Moldova.

In regards to the tourism legislation, the association considers in the context of industry support all regulations, food safety plans and legal guidelines for small entrepreneurs, B&B fiscal standings and other relevant frameworks for operation.

Over the previous years, ANTRIM was an active member of the working group in the development of the “Tourism 2025” National Tourism Development Program of Moldova and is currently advocating for its actualization in fast approval for it to become a working instrument.

A legal guide with explanatory information on the initiation and operation of the business in tourism activity has been launched with the input of ANTRIM, too.

Politici & Legislație

Ultimele modificări efectuate:

Legea nr.91/2020 pentru modificarea unor acte normative 

La data de 11 iunie, 2020 a fost votată în lectură finală Proiectul de Lege pentru modificarea unor acte normative cu scopul facilitării activității mediului de afaceri din industria turismului intern și receptor din Republica Moldova și drept urmare –  dezvoltării infrastructurii turistice a Republicii Moldova și îmbunătățirii atractivității Republicii Moldova ca și destinație turistică. 

Intervențiile aprobate în Legea nr.91/2020 reprezintă o continuitate a unui studiu amplu și anume Cartea Albă pentru reforma cadrului normativ-regulatoriu al industriei turismului din Republica Moldova.

O perfecționare a cadrului normativ se asigură datorită următoarelor prevederi:

  1. Excluderea obligativității modelului contractului turistic astfel oferind agenților economici din industria turismului, posibilitatea de a diversifica conținutul contractului, respectând în același timp cerințele obligatorii referitoare la contract, prevăzute în Codul Civil nr. 1107/2002.
  2.  Excluderea obligativității voucherului turistic ce simplifică și eficientizează activitatea agenților economci, impulsionează activitatea în contextul comerțului electronic, eficientizează procesul de încheiere a contractelor.
  3.  Excluderea obligativității perfectării asigurării de călătorie doar prin intermediul agenților de turism și turoperatorilor, întrucât sunt cazuri în care turistul deține deja o poliță de la o companie de asigurări din țară sau de peste hotare. Astfel, s-a oferit mai multă libertate de alegere a serviciilor de asigurare.
  4.  Excluderea obligativității deținerii de către angajații din domeniu a diplomei de studii în turism sau a certificatului de perfecționare profesională. Prin urmare, s-au simplificat condițiile privind desfășurarea activității în domeniul turismului prin abrogarea prevederilor menționate în Legea nr. 352/2006 precum cerința de vechime în muncă în industria turismului de cel puțin de 2 ani pentru absolvenții cursurilor de perfecționare profesională care pretind la funcție de director/administrator sau obligația de perfecționare profesională o dată la 3 ani pentru personalul încadrat în industria turismului.

5. Excluderea obligativității clasificării unităților de alimentație publică din cadrul structurilor de cazare, în special cu scopul eliminării concurenței neloiale dintre unitățile de alimentație amplasate în unitățile de cazare și cele aflate în afara structurilor de cazare. În pofida faptului că în 2017, în urma reformelor cadrului normativ, obligativitatea de clasificare pentru structurile de cazare a fost exclusă, obligativitatea clasificării unităților de alimentație publică amplasate în structurile de cazare a rămas în vigoare. Totodată, clasificarea pentru unitățile de alimentație publică care nu sunt încadrate în structuri de cazare nu este obligatorie. 

6. Contracararea fenomenului de afișare a categoriei unității de cazare fără deținerea certificatului de clasificare a structurii de primire turistică, contribuind astfel la combaterea concurenței neloiale și la informarea corectă a consumatorilor.

7. Oferirea ghizilor de turism, caselor rurale, prestatorilor de servicii de agrement precum master-clasuri gastronomice, activități artistice și sportive din cadrul programelor turistice, a posibilității de a activa în baza patentei de întreprinzător. 

Luând în considerare complexitatea tipurilor de raportări și achitărilor de impozite și taxe, iar acestea fiind raportate la activitatea ocazională a ghidului de turism, contribuie substanțial la majorarea costului serviciilor de ghidaj și nu stimulează dorința de a desfășura activitatea cu respectarea tuturor prevederilor legislației. Oferirea unei posibilități simplificate  de activitate, precum patenta de întreprinzător, ar stimula interesul de a practica aceasta activitate.

Deși în țările europene serviciile de cazare a unei casei rurale oferite de către gospodar sunt răspândite, în Republica Moldova, din cauza unei proceduri complicate de înregistrare a activității de antreprenoriat, astfel de servicii sunt mai puțin incluse în ofertele turistice. Caracterul ocazional al serviciilor prestate de casele rurale, cât și capacitatea mică de cazare pentru maximum 3 camere și după caz, de alimentare, pentru maximum 10 persoane, permite deținătorului de patentă să gestioneze activitatea turistică la baza de patentă.

Diverse servicii culturale, sportive și de agrement (precum master-clasuri, gastronomice, activități artistice și sportive) se includ adesea în pachetul de servicii turistice și nu generează venituri mari, însă oferă o atractivitate ofertei de servicii turistice, pentru prestarea cărora, de asemenea, se propune utilizarea patentei.

8. Evidențierea și includerea mai largă în uz a noțiunii „pachet de servicii turistice” care include ca și categorie și “pachetul de servicii excursioniste”. Conform Cod Fiscal art.103 se scutesc de T.V.A. fără drept de deducere  pachetele de servicii de călătorie, astfel și pachetele de servicii excursioniste sunt scutite. 

9. Delimitarea atribuțiilor de elaborare și aprobare a normelor metodologice privind elaborarea rutelor turistice (cadrul normativ) de atribuțiile de aprobare a rutelor turistice (implementare). Astfel, în rezultatul reformei autorităților administrației publice centrale, funcțiile de elaborare a politicii în domeniul turismului au fost atribuite Ministerului Economiei și Infrastructurii (Hotărârea Guvernului nr. 690/2017), iar funcțiile de implementare a politicii în domeniul turismului – Agenției de Investiții (Hotărârea Guvernului nr. 322/2018). Totuși articolul 6, litera n) din Legea nr. 352/2006 prevede că Ministerul Economiei și Infrastructurii „n) elaborează norme metodologice privind instituirea rutelor turistice și aprobă rutele turistice conform legislației” – funcția de aprobare fiind improprie Ministerului și prin urmare a fost transferată către Agenția de Investiții. 

Notă: Conform Hotărârii Guvernului nr.117 din 12-08-2021 cu privire la restructurarea administrației publice centrale de specialitate, Ministerul Culturii este autoritatea responsabilă de elaborarea politicilor în domeniul turismului. 

10. Extinderea listei autorităților, a persoanelor fizice și juridice cărora li se oferă dreptul de a crea centre de informare turistică, acordând astfel posibilitatea de a promova potențialul turistic local. S-a extins lista structurilor care pot crea centre de informare turistică, în special acordarea acestei oportunități autorităților administrației publice locale și societății civile. De asemenea, s-a propus simplificarea mecanismului de stabilire a cerințelor privind activitatea acestora.

11. Crearea Consiliului Consultativ pentru Turism. În special mediul de afaceri a sesizat necesitatea de restabilire a activității Consiliului (anterior desfășurată în perioada 2006-2017) sub forma unei platforme de comunicare, pe bază de parteneriat public-privat, în cadrul căruia să fie dezbătute cele mai actuale probleme ale domeniului, precum finanțarea acestuia din diverse surse.