ANTRIM (National Inbound and Domestic Tourism Association of Moldova) is a non-profit organization representing the voice of the private sector in Moldova’s inbound tourism industry. Here, we believe in Moldova’s potential.

Vision statement: To position Moldova as a leading sustainable tourist destination, recognized for its unique cultural heritage and quality tourism services.

Mission statement: To help the country gain international recognition as a tourist destination & improve the business environment and legal framework for the sector.

With the help of our strategic partners we collaborate with stakeholders to create and deliver high-quality services and authentic touristic experiences by supporting traditional Moldovan values when it comes to hospitality, culture, gastronomy and quality wine production.

ANTRIM Activity

Product Development

ANTRIM continues to diversify and develop the national tourism potential by offering numerous opportunities to explore rural destinations.

Skills Development

ANTRIM offers the possibility to the members and industry stakeholders to participate in workshops and training selected by their topics.

Promotion & Marketing

The association performs various activities related to local and international promotion for multiple audiences: Familiarization Tours, Press trips, Exhibitions.


ANTRIM promotes the Moldovan cultural events agenda, and is organizing b2b events in support of the tourism sector for attracting tourism to less-known areas of Moldova.

Lobby &

The association is actively leading advocacy programs related to easing the tourism business environment, the legislative framework and the general prospects.

ANTRIM Member benefits

The ANTRIM membership opens invaluable networking opportunities to tourism sector business, allowing companies to gain access to critical insights and information and contributing to a better regulatory environment for the tourism industry in Moldova.

Companies already taking advantage of ANTRIM membership

Travel Agencies

Events Organizers

Soft adventure





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