DescOperă Festival: A Cultural and Touristic Success in the Butuceni Village

The Cultural and Natural Reserve “Orheiul Vechi” became the “Eastern European Opera Capital” for three days. Around 2,000 people had the opportunity to listen to the impressive creations of the most renowned classical music composers.

This year, the DescOperă Festival brought together talented artists from three cities with a rich cultural and artistic heritage. Festival guests enjoyed various activities held within the Cultural and Natural Reserve “Orheiul Vechi.” Children participated in creative activities and had fun with an animation team. Additionally, several recreational areas were set up, where people relaxed, enjoyed a glass of wine, and tasted traditional dishes.

“This year, the three invited opera theaters – Iasi, Chisinau, Odessa – were here in full composition, which is not very common. Usually, soloists and conductors come, but the orchestra is local. However, this year we managed to bring all the artists, and we can say that the sixth edition of the DescOperă Festival was a success. I will make every effort so that every year this natural amphitheater gathers the best opera theaters and becomes a tourist destination for all of Europe,” said Sergiu Prodan, Minister of Culture.

During the three days of performances, the stage was graced by the National Opera and Ballet Theatre “Maria Bieșu” Orchestra, the Choir and Orchestra of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre from Odessa, the National Opera from Iasi, the Select Quartet Plus ensemble, as well as several renowned soloists.

Connecting people through emotion and imagination, the groups of artists breathed life into the region and gathered over 2,000 people in Butuceni to enjoy performances amidst the natural outdoor scenery.

“The DescOperă Festival is absolutely unique, the location is absolutely unique, and the way in which the natural setting has been preserved without any intervention makes this event very special. We sincerely hope that this year’s performances have left a lasting impression in the hearts of the spectators, and they will eagerly await the upcoming editions. Even tourists who already know the timeframe make sure to reserve their time every year to join us,” stated Iurie Matei, Technical Director of the National Opera and Ballet Theatre “Maria Bieșu.”

In addition to its cultural contribution, the DescOperă festival is an important occasion to support sustainable local development by diversifying the tourist attractions of Orheiul Vechi, popularizing cultural consumption in society, especially in rural areas, and positioning the Republic of Moldova as a generator of high-quality cultural events in the region.

These aspects are essential for the sustainable development and prosperity of the Butuceni region and Moldova as a whole, and ANTRIM will continue to support the DescOperă festival, an event that contributes to community development and promotes tourism in our country.

The DescOperă festival is a remarkable opportunity where art and culture meet the natural beauty of the Butuceni area. The opera performances resonate with the magical harmonies of nature, providing the audience with a unique and memorable experience.

His Excellency Kent Doyle Logsdon, the U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, mentioned, “It is a special event that we are proud of, supported by the United States through USAID, which perfectly aligns with our efforts to support tourism and rural development.”

Elena Stepanov, Executive Director of the National Association for Inbound and Domestic Tourism in Moldova (ANTRIM), supports the festival by saying, “The DescOperă Festival has become one of Moldova’s calling cards, and more and more foreign guests choose to visit Moldova during the festival to experience its magic. Moreover, through this festival, we manage to support sustainable development and create new tourist offerings in the region, thereby encouraging guests to extend their stay in the region and in Moldova.”

“The DescOperă Festival holds significant meaning for our country as it showcases the values we possess as a nation to the entire world. We are pleased to be partners of this project because, through it, the world learns that Moldova is a hospitable country with talented people and, why not, good wines,” mentioned Elena Uporova, Marketing Director of Radacini Wines.

The “DescOperă” Festival was organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova, Moldova Concert, the National Opera and Ballet Theatre “Maria Bieșu,” the National Association for Inbound and Domestic Tourism in Moldova (ANTRIM), the Cultural-Natural Reserve “Orheiul Vechi,” with the strategic support of the Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project funded by USAID Moldova and the Future Technologies Project funded by USAID, the Government of Sweden, and UK Aid. Additionally, for the second consecutive year, the festival’s general partner is Radacini Wines.

Gold Partner: Orange Moldova

Partners: Ministry of Culture of Romania, UNICEF Moldova

Local Partner: Eco Resort “Butuceni,” Developing Rural Moldova.