Launch of the Tourism Business Booster Project

The Radomianki Entrepreneurial Association (Poland) and the National Association for Inbound and Domestic Tourism from Moldova (Moldova) announce the launch of the Tourism Business Booster project aimed at harnessing the agritourism potential of rural areas in Moldova to promote inclusive and equitable economic growth, benefiting both local businesses and the community as a whole, while preserving cultural heritage and the environment.

The program will promote collaboration between the business sector and academia to tailor students’ skills to changing market contexts. This will be achieved by involving them in working teams, providing them with the opportunity to work alongside industry experts, and benefiting from mentorship sessions and study visits to develop their skills and knowledge.

“As a project partner, we are committed to ensuring Moldovan companies access high-quality resources and expertise to address the challenges and opportunities offered by digitization. Through collaboration between national and international experts, personalized training and consultancy tailored to the specific needs of each project beneficiary will be supported. Our focus is not only on strengthening competitiveness but also on promoting the role of women in business, recognizing their essential contribution to economic development. By involving students in the process of learning and applying knowledge, we generate a multiplier effect, contributing to the formation of a skilled workforce and stimulating sustainable economic growth in Moldova.”  said Joana Dzik, Stowarzyszenie Przedsiębiorcze Radomianki.

The project objectives include:

  • Increasing income and employment opportunities for rural agritourism businesses.
  • Improving tourist offers and visitor experiences in rural communities in Moldova.
  • Reducing poverty and economic disparities in rural areas.
  • Preserving and promoting local culture, traditions, and heritage.
  • Sustainable growth of the agrotourism sector in Moldova.

The project aims to facilitate collaboration between the Tourism and Creative Industries sectors to develop innovative and engaging digital experiences for travelers. Through thematic workshops, mentorship sessions, and study visits, participants will be encouraged to explore and develop new ways of integrating creative elements into tourism products and services.

“Rural tourism is an important part of the national tourism offering. In Moldova, there are over 80 rural houses and agrotourism guest houses that have benefited from ANTRIM’s support and technical assistance. With this project, we aim to add value to 5 businesses in the rural domain, emphasizing the strengths of locations with digital support. Additionally, a strong online presence and the use of technology in the hospitality and tourism industry are now essential to attract and retain customers in an increasingly competitive environment.” said Elena Stepanov, Executive Director of ANTRIM.

According to a recent study by the European Commission, businesses that have adopted digital technologies grow twice as fast as those that have not implemented them, and the benefits are evident in the tourism sector as well. The use of digital tools can improve operational efficiency, help develop and promote businesses, and contribute to revenue growth.

The Tourism Business Booster project has a 10-month implementation period.

The “Tourism Business Booster – creative cross-pollination for agri-tourism business growth” project is implemented by the Radomianki Entrepreneurial Association and the National Association for Inbound and Domestic Tourism from Moldova with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the Polish Challenge Fund, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.