ANTRIM Incoming Tavel Forum

ANTRIM Incoming Forum aims to catalyze the efforts of private sector partners and foreign donors to develop a strong, competitive industry that is based on sustainability. The main challenges for the development of this industry are the development of the local but also well thought out regional product (especially for wine and gastronomic tourism) and the development of the infrastructure both internally (road infrastructure), as well as the connections with other destinations (direct flights)

The role of this event is to create a platform of collaboration between actors from all fields related to the tourism industry: wineries, event organizers, carriers, tour operators, hoteliers, HORECA, popular craftsmen, etc. who will unite their efforts to amplify their results. Thus, it will contribute to the creation of a unique image of the country both for nationals who want to return home and build a business in this field, as well as for the international partners, who offer strategic support in the development of this complex industry.