ANTRIM became an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

At the 117th meeting of the Executive Council, held between November 23-25 in the city of Marrakesh, Morocco, Moldova represented by ANTRIM was recognized as an affiliate member of UNWTO.

The success is important for ANTRIM because it becomes the first and only association specializing in tourism from Moldova, which becomes a member of the most representative international forum, a specialized agency for responsible and sustainable tourism that guides the global sector towards inclusive growth.

The success recorded by ANTRIM and Moldova comes in the context where UNWTO considers the private sector as an important partner in fulfilling its general mandate for the promotion of sustainable tourism development and the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. Collaboration with the UNWTO will contribute to the creation of a more ethical and responsible tourism sector for the benefit of the international community.

The selection was made after the representatives of the organization analyzed the topics related to the latest activities and achievements of the affiliated members of the UNWTO, to the modernized approach for a quality-oriented and geographically balanced expansion of the membership, to the admission of the 18 new affiliated members in the context of the 2030 Development Agenda.

Having become a member of this organization, ANTRIM will gain local, regional, national, and global visibility through the UNWTO network and channels, given that
Affiliate Members represent a fundamental tool in increasing the competitiveness of private sector actors in the tourism sector.

Thus, ANTRIM will have access to:
Interactive Platform for Affiliate Members to communicate and encourage collaboration;
Networks UNWTO Affiliate Members can interact, share and access relevant information, generate, disseminate and apply specialized knowledge;
AM Newsletter that enables members to share their initiatives and projects with the entire AM community;
Affiliate Members are allowed, and encouraged, to include the UNWTO Affiliate Members logo on their website and/or stationary to give visibility to their membership;
Publications and Reports for Affiliate Members address topics of interest from the perspective of public-private partnerships to support the advancement of knowledge in tourism;
Access to e-Library, UNWTO Barometer, and UNWTO Statistical Data offers unparalleled coverage of research and information in the area of tourism and gives access to over 1,100 UNWTO publications including books, journals, and with UNWTO Barometer and UNWTO Statistical data.

The success recorded by ANTRIM was also possible thanks to the support offered by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova and USAID Moldova and Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project which supported the improvement of Moldova’s image as an internationally attractive tourist destination and stimulated the adoption of top tourism trends.