ANTRIM joins the national campaign ”Moldova For Peace” - a solidarity and aid campaign for refugees from Ukraine

”At least one Eastern European tourism group has made good on the popular hashtag #StandWithUkraine. ANTRIM, a nonprofit organization representing the private sector in the tourism industry of Moldova (which shares its nearly 760-mile eastern border from Ukraine), announced on Instagram plans to make hotels, guesthouses and restaurants available to the country’s influx of refugees fleeing the war.

“Dear Ukrainian neighbours, we stand by you in these difficult times. The sad events in your country have forced you to cross our borders. We hope that the borders and walls of our country will make you feel safe,”

the agency wrote, directing refugees to its website or visitor information centre in Chisinau. A subsequent post shared details on how to donate to an account to provide financial support set up by the country’s Ministry of Finance..”  – CNN TRAVEL.

The last days have brought many visitors to Moldova who has stepped through the Moldovan-Ukrainian borders. Usually, we would have enjoyed it, but today we are sad because the reason for the visit is not at all touristy.  In Moldova, dozens and hundreds of Ukrainians step every minute, who leave home in search of safe walls. 

Because we are concerned, the National Association for Inbound and Domestic Tourism of Moldova (ANTRIM) has mobilized and is involved considerably in supporting and helping the citizens of the neighbouring country. Thus, an information campaign was soon created and launched on the Facebook and Instagram page with truthful and helpful information for all refugees. The posts contain information on currently available accommodation, information on border crossing points and all necessary documents. 

ANTRIM has 77 members, of which 25 provide accommodation and have hosted more than 2,000 refugees. We would like to thank each of them for their support and assistance to Ukrainian refugees:

In order to align our efforts with the volunteer teams, within the national campaign “Moldova for Peace”, ANTRIM was created on the national platform for tourism promotion – Moldova.Travel a page with current and useful information for all refugee citizens in Ukraine. The ANTRIM team has compiled a list of members (hotels, guest houses, wineries) who are available to house refugees. Contact details and their location are also indicated here. The list of services offered is updated daily and included in the list of the Single Crisis Coordination Center.

  • ANTRIM will continue to inform the public through Moldova Travel and the members of the association with relevant and truthful information about the situation.