ANTRIM Journal nr.1 (04.11.2021) - "Applying travel marketing and digitalization trends in your business: key tools tourists are using to research and book travel & how to make your online profiles stand out and sell"

 ANTRIM Tourism Intelligence Journals 

In the face of uncertainty, statistical data used in market research, development of tourism products, PR, and marketing strategy allow tourism operators to make rational decisions, knowing that they are based on data and facts rather than on mere assumptions. This leads to better planning and execution thanks to data analysis and the application of corresponding conclusions in a practical way, through up-to-date tools and practices.

Currently, because the years 2020 and 2021 recorded out of the ordinary performance indicators, tourism operators have to be especially attentive and track the travel sentiments and decision-making behaviors of international travelers. This means anticipating the evolution of the tourism market, the profile of travelers and how they book trips. The way in which data, statistics, and consumer requests will be interpreted must be taken into account in marketing actions, which currently take place mainly online.

Therefore, ANTRIM has launched a series of Informative Events called ANTRIM Tourism Intelligence Journals which will address various trends, statistics and relevant tools in the field of tourism marketing.

ANTRIM Journal nr.1 (04.11.2021) & the consultant, Audrey Scott

On November 4th, 2021, ANTRIM Tourism Intelligence Journal no. 1 addressed the latest marketing and digitalization trends in (post) Covid tourism. Audrey Scott also acquainted the public with the key tools that tourists use to research and book the tourism product and communicated the importance of digital profiles and the different roles of websites, social media tools, TripAdvisor / Google Maps, travel agencies online (OTAs) in marketing.

Audrey Scott is a tourism and marketing strategist with extensive experience in digital marketing, product development and sustainability. As co-founder of Uncornered Market, she has worked for 10+ years with destinations, travel companies and NGOs to create and market adventure, cultural and sustainable travel experiences. Audrey’s work as an advisor, writer and speaker has taken her to all continents and over 100 countries. She is considered an expert across sustainable tourism and marketing topics, having spoken at international conferences including ITB Berlin, WTM, WTTC, UNWTO, ATWS, and TEDx.

Following the receipt of registration forms, the trainer assessed the presence of those registered in the online environment (website, social networks, online travel agencies, Google Maps, TripAdvisor) and provided recommendations with good practices for the online profiles of those interested to increase the sales of their offers.

All registered participants (71 tourism industry representatives) were introduced to the specific considerations of Google Maps/TripAdvisor and OTA profiles (both for accommodation and tourist experiences/tours) to increase bookings.

At the end of the Journal, the audience was announced about the consultancy session that will be provided, which will include advice and feedback on 2-3 profiles and/or website of 15 participants. This will take place in the week after the Journal.

The upcoming Informative Journal – ANTRIM Tourism Intelligence Journal no. 2 will take place in December and will provide the participants the opportunity to learn how to set and meet the marketing objectives of the website with the help of the most profitable promotion channel – SEO channel and provide training on the most important technical SEO tasks.

This activity is implemented by the National Inbound and Domestic Tourism Association of Moldova, with the support of USAID EDGE Buy-in Moldova Competitiveness Transition Activity.