ANTRIM launched the "Spread the Spring" campaign for 2023

ANTRIM launched the “Spread the Spring” campaign on March 1st. The campaign aims to encourage people to rediscover the beauty and meaning of the traditional custom of giving Mărțișor, which is believed to have existed for over two thousand years.

The campaign’s visual identity revolves around the intertwining of the letter “M” from the country logo and the letter “M” of the “Mărțișor,” which are intertwined with the two threads in white and red colors, a symbol that in March comes to transmit and promote Moldova’s national cultural value all over the world. The slogan “Dăruiește Primăvara” in Romanian and “Spread the Spring” in English tell the story of the direct meaning of the Marțișor in Moldova, where spring is not only in the calendar but also in nature, in the souls, and lives of the people.

The campaign’s narrative threads present various scenarios celebrating the coming of spring with a Mărțișor. The locations captured in the campaign include distinctive places of Chisinau, such as the Artcor  Centre, Chisinau Pedestrian Street, Cathedral Park, and Valea Morilor Park.

The campaign was launched by ANTRIM in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and with the strategic support of the Moldova Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Activity, funded by USAID Moldova.