Filming continues this summer! This time 9 rural tourist destinations were promoted and launched in 360° videos

Digitization offers new opportunities that providers in the tourism industry can benefit from. ANTRIM is an ambassador in recommending and promoting the digitization of the operational infrastructure for the representatives of the tourism industry.

This summer we are working on updating the platform, which provides tourists with 360-degree tours to scenic destinations in Moldova.

The videos that show the immersive experience from the tourist locations from Moldova can be viewed on the platform  and on the youtube channel

Discover the recently added locations on the platform:

Hanul lui Hanganu Guesthouse

„Hanul lui Hanganu is the perfect choice for a quiet holiday, full of sensations and positive energy. A short drive from a noise location to a quiet and wonderful environment, much like a fairy tale. The residence is situated in the village Lalova, 100 km north from Chisinau. The guesthouse Hanul lui Hanganu is owned by the Hanganu family, which is always waiting for guests and ready to serve with respect and a kind soul.”

Conacul Mierii Guest House

„Conacul Mierii has become an attraction in the Codru region, and they are ready to welcome visitors to the beehive, to tell everyone, especially the children, about the life of the bees. The apiary is located in the courtyard of the guest house, where all those interested can participate in a workshop or a tour. Also here you can find a wooden house, where the bee products from the Conacul Mierii apiary are exhibited.”

Crama Mircesti Winery

„Mircești Winery is a pilot winery owned by Arcadie Fosnea, a winemaker who trained and gained professional experience in Germany, before immersing himself in the wine industry. Arcadie followed his dream and created his own winery in his native village, Mircesti. The winery is the only employer in the village, and the number of employees will soon double as Mircesti Winery opens a restaurant and a boutique hotel with 8 bedrooms. ”

The guest houses from Trebujeni (Orheiul Vechi)

Vila Roz, Casa Rândunicii, Casa Verde, Casa de sub Stâncă, Valea Stâncii and Casa din Luncă

„Old Orhei (ro. Orheiul Vechi) is one of the main tourist destinations in Moldova. The natural and historical reserve combines Moldova’s rich nature and intercultural history with dramatic landscapes of limestone cliffs and vestiges of ancient civilizations whose descendants still live here today. After a day of exploring these natural, historical and religious sites, you can enjoy Moldovan hospitality to the fullest by staying at a family-run guest house in one of the nearby villages. You’ll be welcomed with home-cooked meals made from ingredients fresh from the farm, comfortable rooms decorated with traditional, hand-made handicrafts, and the tranquil rhythm of country life. ”

The aim of the project is to bring closer to tourists the experiences that can offer them the tourist destinations in Moldova, to make our country more attractive internationally and to develop domestic tourism.

Currently, the platform contains 17 tourist locations in the country and we intend to add another 5 tourist attractions in Moldova by the end of the summer.

You can find the videos on the platform and on youtube page.

Video by Skydrive Moldova

The project was initiated in 2018 by ANTRIM together with the Moldova Competitiveness Project and is now supported by the EDGE Buy-in Moldova Competitiveness Transition Activity funded by USAID.

This videos are produced by the National Inbound and Domestic Tourism Association of Moldova (ANTRIM) and Moldova Travel, with the support of Moldova Competitiveness Transition Activity, a USAID EDGE Buy-in project. This assistance is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The contents are the responsibility of ANTRIM and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.