We are proud to announce the performance of ANTRIM members within the Wine Travel Awards program, which started at the end of the 2021 year and has 6 Nominations with 19 Categories.

On June 8th took place the Wine Travel Awards ceremony designating the winners in the awarding of the prizes within the London Wine Fair 2022. ANTRIM had the honor to represent Moldova at this prestigious contest and to return home with the prizes granted to the winning wineries and tour operators.

The Wine Travel Award winners, voted by the 12 professional juries are:

Vinaria Purcari in Nomination: The Visiting Card of the Country; Category: Brand – the Visiting Card of the Country.

Vinuri de Comrat – in Nomination: Ambassador; Category: Creative Strategy.

According to the results of a public vote that lasted 2 months on the platform https://winetravelwards.com/ (March 1 – May 1), the winners are:

  1. The Visiting Card of the CountryCategory: Objet d’Art – Castel Mimi
  2. Education in EnotourismCultural mission category– Ways Travel
  3. Enogastronomic EventsinMagnet of the regioncategory – The National Wine Day of Moldova and Cricova Must Fest.
  4. AmbassadorCreative strategy: Moments & Traveland Visit Moldova.
  5. Wine & Food InfluencerResearch of the year – Andrei Cibotaru.
  6. Wine GuideUnique route category – SE QWC “Milestii Mici”Visit Moldova; Moments & Traveland the Educational tour of the year Category – Ways Travel.

ANTRIM, with the support of MCTA, following its mission in the tourism industry, partnered with the Invest Moldova agency as sponsors of the competition. This partnership provides a good opportunity to showcase Moldovan wine tourism on the international stage, and expand advertising channels to promote vineyard visits and quality experiences for wine travelers and discover Moldova.

At the same time, logos of USAID, ANTRIM and Investment Agency have a great presence on the voting platform and in the WTA Guide.

The new competition – „Wine Travel Awards” award the world’s best wine travel and wine tour experiences. It is a competition for anyone in the wine sector, wineries, tour operators, wine writers and bloggers, wine education organizations etc. The  main organiser, the Ukrainian magazine Drinks+ focussing on wine, spirits and gastronomy, highlighted that:

 “The mission of the Wine Travel Awards is to promote the principles of sustainable development, growth, and globalisation of markets, to support the industry that was heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The focus will be on promoting new business models in the wine tourism sector, impacting the development of regions.”