Lauching of Tourism Guides Boot Camp part of the ”Next Tourism Generation Academy” platform

During 16-17 January 2023 were held training sessions for regional Tourist Information Centres in the framework of the Tourism Guides Boot Camp part of the Next Tourism Generation Academy.

The concept of the Tourism Guide Boot Camp comes from the international best practices that are aligned to the vision and mission of the WFTGA.

During these sessions, tourism guides and representatives of information centers in Moldova will enhance their storytelling abilities, improve their interactions with people, and learn to use new technologies effectively. Education is a vital tool for the development of Moldova, and by investing time, resources, experience, and knowledge, we hope to positively impact the quality of services provided to all stakeholders involved.

  • 1 st workshop  –  we focused on the objectives and role of Tourist Information Centres. The session began with a presentation of the Operational Manual of these centres, highlighting the critical role that information plays in the tourism industry. To develop effective strategic plans, it’s essential to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the destination, and Tourist Information Centres serve as the first point of contact for visitors. We discussed the importance of these centres and their basic functions, emphasizing how they can help visitors have a positive experience in the chosen country.
  • 2nd workshop – Study visits: Tourist Information Centres in the Orheiul Vechi Natural Cultural Reserve and the Cricova Winery. One of the most significant challenges in the tourism industry is finding good, diverse, and experienced guides who possess practical knowledge in the field and know how to interact and communicate effectively with tourists. These study visits provided participants with an opportunity to travel and learn from experienced and professional tourism guides. The participants also had the chance to interact and communicate with these guides, which was crucial in understanding the nuances of tour guiding. At the Tourist Information Centres in the Orheiul Vechi Cultural Nature Reserve, we discussed various topics such as the types of visitors, frequently asked questions, preparation of visitor statistics, and available materials. During the visit to the Cricova SA Wine Factory, the participants had the chance to interact with highly qualified professionals in tour guiding, gaining valuable insights into the craft.

ANTRIM’s commitment to supporting the network of regional information centres is unwavering, and these sessions are a continuation of our efforts. We have equipped information centres with visibility materials and provided support in the creation of regional promotional materials for some centres. In the upcoming period, we plan to continue supporting the regional TICs by providing them with the operational manual for the centres and other promotional resources and information.

These sessions are organized by ANTRIM and Ministry of Culture with the strategic support from the Rural Competitiveness and Resilience Project funded by USAID Moldova.