"Showcasing Moldova: A Recap of the Country's Participation at International Exhibitions

The Republic of Moldova has been making impressive progress in both the national and international tourism industries, positioning itself as a top-tier destination that values sustainability, digitalization, and resilience. To showcase the country’s exceptional offerings, the Moldovan delegation has participated in a range of exhibitions throughout 2023, including the Matka Nordic Travel Fair, BIT Milano, ITB Berlin, Ferien Messe Wien, and the Travel & Tourism Expo 2023.

Participating in international exhibitions is an important strategy for countries to promote themselves as a tourist destination. The events offer an opportunity for businesses, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations to showcase their offerings and forge new partnerships. In the case of Moldova, the country’s participation in ITB Berlin and Ferien Messe Wien will help raise awareness of its tourism potential and create new opportunities for growth.

Visitors at the Moldovan stand were able to take virtual 360* tours of the country, taste Moldovan wine, and get an insight into national traditions and culture. The delegation’s efforts were successful, with a number of new business contacts established and talks held with foreign companies keen to explore Moldova as a tourist destination.

Matka Nordic Travel Fair 2023

At this exhibition participated 4 tour-operators and 1 winery: Tatrabis, Visit Moldova · Incoming Tourism, GoAdventure Moldova, Winetours Moldova, Asconi Winery.

BIT Milano 2023

At this exhibition participated 2 tour-operators, 2 wineries and 1 association: Tatrabis, Ways Travel, Asconi Winery, Purcari Winery, National Association of Guides Moldova.

ITB Berlin 2023

At this exhibition participated 7 tour-operators, 1 winery and 1 hotel: Visit Moldova · Incoming Tourism, ILISTUR, Tatrabis, Panda Tur, Wine Tours Moldova, Enjoy Moldova by Solei Tourism, WAYS Travel – world as you seek , Castel Mimi Winery, Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel Chisinau.

Ferien Messe Wien 2023

At this exhibition participated 6 tour-operators: Winetours Moldova, Visit Moldova · Incoming Tourism, Hi Moldova DMC – vacation in Moldova, Panda Tur, GoAdventure Moldova, Tatrabis.

Travel & Tourism Expo 2023

At this exhibition participated our partners: SUP Moldova, WakePark.MD, Camping “Pe toloacă”, Hill and Valley Farm, Cricova Winery, Mileștii Mici Winery, Leuntea-Vin Family Winery, Curtea de Piatră,
House of potter “Vasilii Gonceari”, Rustic Art crafts complex , USM Moldova State University, Moldova Tourist Information Center.