Trainings – ANTRIM offer the possibility to the members and industry stakeholders to participate in workshops and trainings on selected by them topics

Training Hospitality Plus Moldova 15-17 of December 2018 (agenda from December 2017):

  • Social media
  • Sales
  • Mystery guest for hotels
  • Product development and promotion channels (D. Isaac and Alex Crevar)

Tourism Training for Trainers Academy 11-14 of July 2018:

  • Social media
  • Vinzari…. (Alexandru Bordea)
  • Training regarding biking safety
  • Volunteers participate at the “Tourism, Management and Marketing” TIC Seminar in Tiraspol
  • Training for TIC Volunteers
  • SES expert Peter Huppert at TIC
  • PR & Communication training by Alex Civar at TIC
  • Training for guides
  • ANTRIM Summer School