Trainings – ANTRIM offer the possibility to the members and industry stakeholders to participate in workshops and trainings on selected by them topics

Hospitality Moldova

December Hotel Industry – First Training Session

As a part of Moldova Hospitality + Program, which has the aim to implement evaluation, education and technical assistance sub-program, in the hospitality field, this online survey is elaborated with the scope of identifying the gaps in the knowledge and skills of entry-level and management staff from Hotel Industry as well as to assess the Industry representatives’ need for training sessions. Following the interest which will be expressed towards the organizing of industry-related training, further notice will be provided on agenda (It is approximately planned for the end of November-beginning of December with the presence of industry international experts). This activity is elaborated at the initiative of the National Inbound Tourism Association of Moldova (ANTRIM) and supported by Moldova Competitiveness Project, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Sweden, and UK aid

ANTRIM Summer School

ANTRIM Summer School, is another project which was implemented with the strategic support of USAID Moldova.

This project is destined for young specialists, new employees or graduates from the touristic service domains, and it comes as a help with explanations on how the tourism businesses function from the inside and for them to find a job which would fit their expectations.

The program gives the participants theoretical courses and practical activities, as are visits to wineries, hotels and agropensions. The participants of the summer school ANTRIM were: students of tourism faculties, graduates, young professionals-employees at tourism agencies, hotels, pensions, wineries; bloggers of travels, etc.

Next Tourism Generation Academy

The younger generation has more foreign language and IT knowledge than previous generations. However, there is a considerable shortage of skilled labor force, and the existing and potential workforce do not have the skills needed to improve the quality and competitiveness of the tourism product.

The concept of learning is very closely related to the concept of competence. The competence includes the technical, general, personal skills, as well as the soft skills needed to use the other knowledge in an organizational/business context. If formal skills can be acquired in an institutional context provided by education/training institutions, the individual needs informal skills and self-learning skills to make use of formal skills in the workplace.

The main goals of this academy are:

increasing the confidence of the new generation to work in the incoming tourism

initiation of the recruitment process of young specialists for the internship and subsequently for employment at ANTRIM members.

Tourism Training for Trainers Academy

One of the first ANTRIM projects was the “Tourism Training for Trainers Academy” which was developed in cooperation with the Austrian Development Agency and with the strategic support of USAID Moldova, for the employees in the tourism industry.

The purpose of this project was to increase a new generation of trainers in the field of tourism, who will practice their skills and competences, at the following events organized by ANTRIM for the non-formal education of young specialists.

In two days of training the participants learned from speakers about social media marketing and public speaking.